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Knitting Patterns (My PDF Patterns Ltd) -  PDF Knitting Patterns by Knitwear Designer Lorraine Hearn

Colour is all over the place this year.  These strong vibrant colours are enough to cheer anyone up.  I have placed in this collection some retro designs which I hope you will like.

Watch out for more Spectrum Designs coming into this collection very soon and do feel free to browse through other collections with a vast range of patterns and e books.


You will also get the neckwarmer version of this scarf when you purchase from this carf.
Price: £1.50
Spectrum Neckwarmer
You will also get the scarf variation below when you purchase from this cart.This is so much fun to make. If you get bored with knitting with the same colour. Its a pick up and put down project . The leaf tabs are knitted separately and grated onto the neckwarmer.
Price: £1.50
Waterlily Trouble Shooter Neckwarmer.
Perfect last minute rush present. This takes only an hour and a half to make if that. You will need only 1 ball of Wendy Thor Super Chunky yarn for this.
Price: £1.25
Childs Knit and Multiply Leaflet
A great way to teach your child to knit and multiply at the same time. This PDF contains colourful projects for your child to knit and mathematical activities learning to multiply as your child develops their project. You will also find this leaflet under Childs Educational projects
Price: £3.50
Spectrum Tea Cosy
This retro design looks fab with all those colourful table accessories which is perfect for this season. Great for using up odd balls of yarn.
Price: £1.25
Pom Pom Accessories Leaflet
A project which you can involve your little ones in. Why not get them to make the pom poms and you knit the hat and mitts. Using King Cole Mood duet yarn.
Price: £1.50
Tardis Elongated Rib Cowl Effect Neckwarmer with Scarf Variation
This is part of the Tardis Collection. This is great for beginner knitters wanting to go further iwth their knit and purl stitches.
Price: £1.50
"Maypole" Cowl Effect Neckwarmer
This PDF will be available to customers on 01.092012
Price: £1.25
Spectrum Sweater/Tank Top
If you like colourwork this is a project for you. The designs are worked using King Cole Mood Duet yarn. Sizes cater from 30in to 38 in chest
Price: £2.50
Random Textured Chevron Cowl
Use all your textured yarns up with this design. Go as creative as you want.
Price: £1.25
Beginner Knitter Wrap Cowl Effect Neckwarmer
Perfect for you beginner knitters that like your fabric to grow quickly. Project is worked using 2 strands of Noro Silk Garden together.
Price: £1.25
Kureyon Chunky Loopy Neckwarmer
You will need 2 balls of Kureyon Loopy Chunky Yarn for this project. Its fun and quick too. A perfect trouble shooter for last minute presents
Price: £1.25
Water Lily Scarf With Cowl Effect Variation
Fun and quick project. Beginner Knitters may want to give this a try if you want to develop your knit and purl stitches a little further. Project is worked using Thor Super Chunky by Wendy
Price: £1.25

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