My PDF Patterns -  by Knitwear Designer Lorraine Hearn

First of all I would really like to thank everyone for there support over the past few months.  I am catching up with collections and fit and ready for action and I am so greatful for all the wonderful messages I have received.

Well my mind has now been buzzing with more ideas and I really hope you will like this little collection using Creative Linen by Rowan Yarns.  You can view this yarn by clicking on the link below.

I took my inspiration  for this collection from my recent visit to the Cotwalds and also from our local beekeepers.
Bees are a dying breed and they do so much for the food chain.
Do watch out for more Bee /Cottage Designs heading onto this page over the coming weeks.  

I would also like to thank our local cherry farmers Rupert Mount and Liz Mount  and his lovely family who allowed me to produce this photoshoot and our local Beekeepers who inspired me to put this collection together.  Do feel free to click on the link below if you live in the Bedfordshire Area and fancy doing a spot of cherry picking in the Summer.

How to do Ridge Stitch (Hem Stitch)

The video below shows you how to do hem stitch.  The Ridge Row when you do MR4 AND M45 are worked the exactly the same way but the number 4 and 5 in these special abbreviation represent the number of rows you are working before you carry out your Ridge Row.

Cottage/Bee theme Top
You will get both the Bee and Cottage version of this top in this pattern using Creative Linen by Rowan Yarns. The pattern caters from 26 to 30 inch chest. Do feel free to view the slideshow below of the design
Price: £2.75
Cottage Cupcake/Flower Basket Accessories Leaflet
This leaflet contains 4 designs. Cupcake Sweater, Cupcake Cardigan, Flower Basket Sweater and Flowerbasket cardigan
Price: £3.50
Blossom Shrug With Cardigan Variation
This is great for a beginner knitter who knows how to do stocking stitch garter stitch and simple increases. Leaflet comes with this shrug and the long sleeve cardigan variation No need for buttonholes with this project.
Price: £2.75
Cottage Theme Cushion Cover
Will fit a 40cm by 40cm cushion cover. PDF will be available on 15.10.2014 but you can still purchase from the cart and the PDF will be sent to you.
Price: £2.00
Cottage Bee Long Sleeve Sweater With Matching Brimmed Hat
This will also be grade to cater for adults. PDF will be available on 20.10.2012 but you can still purchase from the cart and the PDF will be emailed over to you on the 20.10.2012
Price: £3.00
Bee Theme Cushion Cover
You will also automatically receive the cottage Theme cushion cover as well with this pattern
Price: £2.00
Gathered Lattice Sweater, Top and Shrug
This is a fun and quick design. Suitable for a Beginner/Intermediate knitter. Note due to computer maintenance this pattern will be emailed over to Customers on 14th May if not soonerxx
Price: £3.00
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