Knitting Patterns (My PDF Patterns Ltd) - YOU TUBE STITCH LIBRARY
Knitting Patterns (My PDF Patterns Ltd) -  PDF Knitting Patterns by Knitwear Designer Lorraine Hearn
This is a new facility we are installing on this site.  I have created a number of elongated stitches and other stitches through messing around on needles over the past few weeks and felt it would be really useful to show them to you if you need to refer.  This will be happening over the next few weeks and I will try and get these stitches on for you all as soon as I can.  If you ever need any help with a particular abbreviation we are only too pleased to send photos on request. 
 Pine Needle Accessories Leaflet.  (Pine Stitch)

Aspley Collection Book 1 Special Abbreviations El2k, El2p, WRAP3(4) and Corndolly Stitch.

Cottage Collection Bee Theme Sweater and Other Garments Special Abbreviations MR4 and MR5 

How to do Ridge Stitch (Hem Stitch)

The video below shows you how to do hem stitch.  The Ridge Row when you do MR4 AND M45 are worked the exactly the same way but the number 4 and 5 in these special abbreviation represent the number of rows you are working before you carry out your Ridge Row.

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