My PDF Patterns -  by Knitwear Designer Lorraine Hearn
Its always handy to have a cape to put around your little girls shoulders on that special occasion. This simple, pretty design is just perfect. This design is knitted using Louisa Harding Fauve yarn. This yarn is so well structured and slinky and gives great definition to this cape. Louisa Harding Fauve also comes in an Ivory shade which would make a perfect Christening or Flowergirl cape. I believe Louisa Harding Fauve is still widely available iin the USA and not the UK BUT those of you in the UK try using a smooth cotton or rustic cotton yarn for that vintage effect. Ivory or off white is just perfect for that Wedding or Christening. the ball band tension on Fauve is 5.5 sts to 1inch and each ball contains 116m for those of you that are thinking of using a yarn substitute which meets the ball band tension . You can dress this design up using ribbon, flower brooches or even berries and ivy. Be creative and you will not be disappointed. the design was worked on 5mm needles.. CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE
Price: £2.00
Childs Adaptable Tunic
This is perfect for all you mums that would like to make a sweater which you can adapt if your child goes through a growth spirt.

Its quick, easy and practicle as well as trendy. See link above for more information and to see cropped version. You can purchase the PDF on Ravelry but also from this cart and the PDF will be e mailed over. Happy Knitting
Price: £2.00
Childs Adaptable Elongated Flame Stitch Tunic with Matching Hat.
Super Fun , Easy and Super Quick. Perfect for last minute rush presents. Click on the lRavelry link for this item at the top of this page for more information. You can purchase this item on Ralvery through the link or from this cart and the PDF will be e mailed over to you.
Price: £2.00
Childs Easy/Quick Honeycomb Sweater
Super fun and super quick. Perfect for last minute rush projects. The project is worked on 10mm needles. The yarn used is Gruesa by Malabrigo Yarns. Its such a beautiful yarn and the colour is so rich. The shade used in this photo is Apple Cinammon.
Price: £2.00
Childs/Adult Dotty Slippers
These are really fun to make using Eco Friendly 100% Organic Cotton by Malabrigo yarns. You will need one skein of yarn for this project.
Price: £1.50
Childs/Adult Slippers with Rustic Flower Option
These Easy knit slippers are great fun. Again the pattern caters for Child/Adult. You will also get the Knitted dress button variation of this design (see cart below so don't select both carts when you make this purchase). You will need 1 skein of 100% organic Cotton by Malabrigo yarns for this project.
Price: £1.50
Child/Adult Slippers with Knitted Dress Button Option
You will automatically get the Rustic Flower Variation (See cart above so don't select both carts when you make this purchase). You will need 1 skein of 100% Organic Cotton yarn by Malabrigo yarns for this project.
Price: £1.50
Childs Spring Hat with Matching Bag
This is a lovely design. This pattern comes with both the Hat and the matching bag featured int he cart below so don't select both carts you only need to select one and you will receive both designs. Remember its buy one pattern and choose another pattern of the same price or less from my collection.
Price: £1.50
These esquisite childrens knitting patterns have been put together taking into consideration a range of different knitting levels with stylish and chic results. REMEMBER THIS SITE IS GROWING AND MORE DESIGNS WILL BE LOADED ON ALL THE TIME SO DO FEEL FREE TO BOOKMARK WE WELCOME EVERYONES SUPPORT AND FEEDBACK.
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